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NEW Health Manager Position

Meet our Health Manager, Ms. Keana.  Her main focus will be to seamlessly implement, amend if necessary, and carry out our new health and safety policies. 


Many of these health and safety practices were carried out by our staff prior to COVID-19, however we created the Health Manager position as we intensify and add to our practices. 


We aim for this role to be temporary as we hope to be able to blend our new implementations into our current teacher’s roles, however we intend to keep this position for as long as need be in order to ensure our staff and your child’s health and safety and to ease any worries the transition back to childcare may cause you as a parent.  We always aim to go above and beyond any requirements and will continue to do that in this process as well.

Main Responsibilities:


-Performing child’s initial health check upon arrival.

-Coordinating checking the temperatures of each child upon arrival at the center and every hour.

-Recording temperatures and notifying the Director or Assistant Director immediately if a child’s temperature is 100.4 or above.

-Tracking absenteeism


-Sanitizing toys that were played with throughout the day

-Sanitizing general use areas including but not limited to the bathrooms, the eating area, and the classrooms.

-Being a point of contact for parents regarding any health and/or safety related questions.

-Staying in communication with the teachers throughout the day and providing any support they may need regarding health and safety.

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