Beginner's Program
(2 by 9/1/2022)

Kids Clubhouse of the Main Line offers a program for 2 and 3 year olds called the Beginner's Program. Our themed based, learn-through-play curriculum focuses on key early learning skills such as self help, early social skills, pre-academics, health and wellness.


As a state licensed center we strictly adhere to the 1:6 teacher to student ratio for our Beginner's program.  We follow a daily schedule that rotates every half hour throughout the program. Children are provided a variety of activities to meet their individual interests and needs.


All families are set up with Procare, our parent-teacher communication app, that the teacher updates throughout the day with activities, meals, naps, potty/diaper/pull-up times and all other important aspects of your child's day.


All of our teachers are highly qualified and have a degree in early education or a human services field. There is an administrator on staff during all operating hours. We pride ourselves on the quality and dedication of our staff.

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Our Curriculum...


  • Follows two step directions

  • Shares and talks about his/her personal experiences

  • Initiates and joins in conversations with adults and children

  • Asks questions about the world around them and can answer who, what, when and where questions

  • Knows full name, age, gender

  • Independent with basic own needs

  • Adjusts to new situations independently

  • Attempts and completes tasks and accepts mistakes

  • Understands his/her feelings and others

  • Verbally expresses feelings

  • Demonstrates basic fine and gross motor skills

  • Initiates positive interactions with peers by taking turns and sharing

We are an equal opportunity care provider