Beginner's Program
(Children must be 2 years old by 9/1/2022)

Potty training and socialization are the main focuses of our Beginner's class.  Teachers encourage independence as children verbalize their needs.

Students build their vocabulary by participating in Circle Time and through whole class read-a-louds.  Gross motor skills are developed through games and outdoor play in our fenced in playground. 

Fine motor skills are enhanced by stringing large beads, manipulating Play-Doh, and completing sticker projects.  Pretend play is encouraged in our dramatic play center.  Letters, numbers, colors, and shapes are introduced.

We have a 1:6 teacher to student ratio in our Beginner's room.

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Our Curriculum...


  • Follows two step directions

  • Shares and talks about his/her personal experiences

  • Initiates and joins in conversations with adults and children

  • Asks questions about the world around them and can answer who, what, when and where questions

  • Knows full name, age, gender

  • Independent with basic own needs

  • Adjusts to new situations independently

  • Attempts and completes tasks and accepts mistakes

  • Understands his/her feelings and others

  • Verbally expresses feelings

  • Demonstrates basic fine and gross motor skills

  • Initiates positive interactions with peers by taking turns and sharing

We are an equal opportunity care provider