Full-Service Education

We offer full-time and personalized part-time early education for 2-5 years olds


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Kids' Clubhouse of the Main Line was founded by Angela Bruno, a local mother of three daughters. After living in a few different states, she returned to PA and was shocked to find that the Main Line didn't have a licensed early learning center that offered flexible care.  The modern parent no longer needs the traditional childcare hours from 9-5.  With the work-from-home option, part-time, and flexible work schedules, we know that there are needs for all types of childcare hours.  


And so, with the support of her husband, family, and friends, she decided to build the first flexible childcare center for the Main Line.  Thus, the Kids' Clubhouse of the Main Line was born. Between full-time care and personalized part-time care no matter what your childcare needs are, Kids' Clubhouse does it all!